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The Fastest Way To Unpack

The Fastest Way To Unpack

Packing, moving, and unpacking can take a toll on anybody. To avoid the mental stress of packing, researching, hiring a removalist, etc., you can follow a few unpacking tips and ways. Of course, unpacking is just a small part of the entire removal. However, there are certain practices that you can follow while packing that will help you when you are settling into your new house.

These are 10 unpacking tips and ways that can help you do it all quickly!

Tip 1: Pack what you need

Pack only what you require at the new place and discard the rest. You can sell the discarded items online or through a small garage sale. Alternatively, you can donate them to someone in need. Downsizing while packing is one of the initial steps in a successful and efficient removal. It is an effective way to reduce the amount of burden you’ll have when you are unpacking your belongings at your new house. Also, selling unnecessary items can help you earn a few bucks along the way!

Tip 2: Pack your essentials separately

Whether you are moving on your own or through a moving company, it is wise to pack an essentials bag before anything else. This may contain your important documents, a first aid kit, some petty cash, a hand towel, a water bottle, your phone charger, etc. The purpose of this ‘essentials bag’ is that you’ll have the bare minimum at your disposal when you get to your new house. Even before unpacking, you might need a few of these items. Also, you can add or subtract anything that you feel according to your specific requirements.

Tip 3: Plan it out

Having an unpacking schedule helps speed up the process. It is always nice to have a clear idea about how and when you will start unpacking. Make a rough timeline on how you’ll unpack everything according to your needs. It will make things much more manageable and faster. You can also share this schedule with anyone who is helping you out with the unpacking.

Tip 4: Unload efficiently

When you or the professional movers are unloading the boxes off of the moving van, make sure that they end up in the right room. The best way to ensure this is to label the boxes when you are packing. Needless to say, the cushions and pillows box will go into the living room or the bedroom. Kitchen appliances should be offloaded in the kitchen and so on. This way, you’ll not have to drag the boxes around the house.

Tip 5: Unpack systematically

This means that you should unpack the boxes that you need first. The most important things like your phone charger and your medicines should be unpacked as soon as you get to your new apartment. Get a mattress or two out so that you have a place to rest. Bathroom fixtures and toiletries are also one of the first few things that people unpack first. Usually, the living room and the dining area are the last ones. This way, you’ll have the things you need as you gradually unpack all your belongings.

Tip 6: Pack room by room and label the boxes

Although the importance of labeling has already been emphasized, it is worth a mention here as well. When you pack room to room, it makes things more manageable and easy to track. You have a good idea about the progress that you’ve made. Packing room by room also allows you to categorize the same types of items separately. For example, you may have a box of cushions that belongs to the living room and one box of cushions that belongs to the bedroom.   

Tip 7: Make a plan for each room before you unpack

Before you unpack your belongings in a specific room, it might be helpful to chart out a plan – a plan to help you decide what goes where. This is especially helpful when you are organizing your living room or your bedroom. Knowing where heavy furniture like beds and wardrobes would go before you unwrap them prevents time wastage and saves you a ton of effort. If you are moving with professional removalists, you can share the room plan with them so that they know exactly where to place each item.

Tip 8: Unpacking your kitchen and your bathroom quickly

For kitchens, the first thing is to hook up your electrical appliances and place them where you want them. Next, you can start by unpacking your pantry and food items and storing them in the appropriate places.

As far as the bathroom is concerned, it is better to start with the shower curtains and then move on to the fixtures. Unpack your toiletries last if you don’t need them at the moment.

Tip 9: Use good-quality packing supplies

Using good quality boxes and other moving supplies is often underappreciated but nonetheless very important. There is less risk of boxes falling apart and tapes coming off during transit. These boxes can also be reused or sold off at a good price. Make sure that you procure your packing supplies after consulting removal experts.

Tip 10: Hire the experts

Professional removalists can do all of these aforementioned jobs better and quicker than you can. They are experienced at this and know their way around a moving job. They provide their own packing supplies and have foolproof plans to carry out the job much more efficiently. They have the right equipment and a good infrastructure to carry out moving jobs of any size. Hiring professional help is simple and easy and takes most of the burden off your shoulders. It allows you to focus on other things while your house is relocated without any hurdles.

Moving is not as stressful as people think it is. With the right help and a proper plan, it is just as simple as taking candy from a kid!

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