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Our commitments are underpinned by a straightforward, responsive, adaptable, inventive, and methodical procedure at CBD Movers Canberra. We tailor the entire moving procedure to the wants and needs of our customers to achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction.

Our smooth operations go above and beyond our clients’ expectations. The steps of the shifting process are well-defined, regulated, and integrated, and they’re also simple enough that even a layperson can understand what’s going on.


In the interim, while you’re reading this sentence, you can get a fast quote from us online, or you can call us at any moment. Then simply book us online or over the phone. We have made ourselves available to you with only a phone call or a click, and the system is incredibly simple to use.

We’ve devised a quick and simple method for you to contact us using our countrywide-reach numbers, which have good memory recall. The phone will be answered by one of our executives, who will take down your information and transmit it to the appropriate officer, who will schedule a survey day that is convenient for you. You can contact us not just by phone but also by filling out an inquiry form found on our website. Following booking confirmation, a quotation is sent, which is followed by quotation finalization and final confirmation.


Simply pack your container at your leisure, taking advantage of the complimentary boxes (available in specific areas) and helpful hints supplied. We allow 4 weeks from container drop-off to delivery for interstate moves, but we can provide you with more time if needed.

When it comes time to move into your new house, packing yourself will ensure you know where to look for everything. The Packaging Supervisor contacts you and arranges for you to be dropped off at your location on time for the foolproof packing process. Our packing team is well-versed in all of the processes used, which are solely dependent on the characteristics of the products in question.

If it’s a fragile item, the crew uses many layers of protective packaging, and if it’s an electronic item, the cords are first secured before moving on to the next step of the packing process. The process is forwarded to the next level once it is confirmed that all of the paperwork is ready and that all fees have been paid. It’s like having your moving assistant from our end, who will be with you from start to finish.


The removalists immediately go into action after receiving a green signal and completing the necessary payments. The couriers are dispatched and arrive at the customer’s residence on time. All of the packed items are then put onto these massive carriers, and the consignment is then carried out using the methods and routes that have been determined.

This procedure is so fluid that not even a minute passes without it coming to a halt, and the consignment is delivered well ahead of schedule thanks to prompt communication and adequate information.


The exciting part is that we can hold your HHG container for anything you want to move interstate and with no transshipment. There is also no hassle on the part that your things arrive on time at your new residence.

In most situations, we do provide an unpacking service to make you settle comfortably in your new premises. We unpack and place the things at the discretion of the client.