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Office Removals


You want all your employees to get back to work as soon as possible. You don’t want any of them to waste any more time. You have been thinking about getting in touch with dependable and highly recommended office movers. You are on the right track. What makes us different and this entire process free of any stress is the fact that we love doing what we do. This is why deciding to associate with CBD Movers Canberra is not just right but highly satisfying. But wait a minute. What all do you get with our company?

Highly Experienced Movers

  • We make sure that you are connected with our professional and efficient removalists right away, who have years of experience in moving offices from one location to another.
  • You will get experts to dismantle and reassemble all your workstations, cubicles, and heavy and light equipment at the same time.
  • Having problems with commercial printers? Leave that responsibility to the able and highly competent office removalists that work with us across Canberra.

Get Your Personal Moving Manager

You will get one dedicated and highly experienced point of contact with CBD Movers regardless of where you want to take your office to.

  • Did we mention that he is going to answer every question that you might have in your mind? 
  • The one thing that you will always get with our dedicated moving manager is an organised and efficient removal of your office without any breakage or damage.
  • Every office mover working under the moving manager will be kept in the loop, and all your workers and employees will also be informed about the same.

Flexible Moving Schedule

Doesn’t it work wonderfully well when you have the entire moving schedule planned according to your availability? If you are planning for a same-day business move, CBD Movers is the brand you can trust.

  • What do you think about an overnight or weekend office move? We also make that possible without any hassle or additional costs.
  • If you want to move in bits and pieces, we can arrange that too, just according to your business schedule.
  • The biggest benefit that we always come up with is efficiency, and you will be delighted with the relevance and flexibility of the moving plan.

Why Choose CBD Movers For Your Complicated Office Removal?

You Can Leave Everything To Us

The first thing that you will notice is that you can leave everything to us, including the packing and moving of your critical office equipment. We will help you set up your office in your new location within just a few hours of the completion of the move. We will take care of that cleaning, recycling, and debris removal, and also prepare your new office for you so that you can settle in nicely.

Want Your Office Redecorated?

Yes, we are creative. We don’t just help you shift from your old location to your new one. We can also assist you with renovation and redecorating. Our dedicated move managers have a lot of great ideas. You can leave the assembly as well as the placement of your office equipment to us to help you manage the space and the floor plan better.

No Hidden Fees

There are absolutely no surprises when you are working with CBD Movers. We are counted among the most reputable office movers for this very reason. We don’t charge you extra. We don’t have any additional fees or charges at the end of the move. We make and keep everything affordable for your business, regardless of its size and turnover. There will be only one cost that you have to pay from the beginning to the end of the entire service.

Fully Insured For Your Peace Of Mind

We are very proud of the fact that we keep everything safe, including our customers. We don’t put your finances or your mental well-being at risk. Our highly skilled and licensed agents are always insured, and we make sure that they are trained with the highest quality standards. This means no accidents or mishaps, no mishandling or carelessness on site.

Want To Discover More Advantages Of Choosing CBD Movers For Office Removals?

We understand the entire logistics when it comes to moving your office from one location to another. The move is never going to be simple unless you have hired the most skilled, experienced, and pragmatic moving company in the city. You might have allowed a few of your employees and workers to take a few pieces of equipment to the new location, but that’s about it. You cannot disrupt your whole routine and the lives of your employees and associates to make this move possible. This is where we come in. Have a look at a few more advantages that you will be getting by choosing our services:

  • Pre-relocation consultation for absolutely free 
  • A plan for what stuff should be packed first and how 
  • Assistance with professional relocation planning 
  • Special care for electronic equipment and delicate items 
  • Specialised staff and personnel for business relocation 
  • The most advanced packing technology with high-quality packing materials 
  • Extra protection for your expensive office equipment and gadgets 
  • Secure storage units for your heavy items that you wish to transport later

We have offices all across the country with hundreds of workers and team members working day and night to ensure that your move takes place smoothly and effortlessly. We have offices outside Canberra as well, in cities such as Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, and Perth, to name a few. You can count on us and our state-of-the-art packing and moving facility any time of the day.

Say yes to prompt and efficient moving professionals located locally in Canberra. Say yes to CBD Movers right now.

FAQs About Office Removals

Do I Get A Full Plan For My Office Move?

Yes. You are going to get a complete plan of the entire move. Your dedicated project/move manager will be responsible for sharing this information with you, including the entire relocation process, the cost involved, the stoppages made in transit, the packing materials used, and every other detail you want to know.

Can You Ensure That There Will Be No Downtime?

We will ensure the smallest amount of downtime for your office. There will be absolutely no technical delays or any glitches whatsoever. You will be able to start your office work immediately after you have moved into your new office.

What If I Am On A Time Crunch, Can You Organise A Move Immediately?

Yes. Several of our IT clients in the past have asked us to perform moves on very short notice. Nothing is impossible for our office removalists.

What If The Moving Date Changes?

It doesn’t really matter. Whatever your moving date is or was, we are going to accommodate it. We can make easy and quick arrangements according to your schedule and availability. You just have to keep us in the loop and we will try to make sure that nothing in the moving plan or the entire cost that you have to pay changes.

Do You Also Move Heavy Servers And Data Centres?

Yes. This is one of our specialities. We focus on delicate and critical office equipment and pay special attention to these pieces because we know just how important they are for your office. You can rest assured about their safety with us.