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How To Move Your Pantry And Fridge

How To Move Your Pantry And Fridge

Packing and moving your kitchen can be a little different due to the number of small and diverse items. Also, it is likely that your kitchen has fragile items and appliances. However, if you follow a few handy tips as you pack and move your kitchen to the new house, things are going to turn out well in the end.

Tip 1: Use appropriate packing supplies

To pack and move heavy kitchen appliances and heavy furniture like dining tables and chairs, you need the right supplies to pack them. Also, your crockery and cutlery need to be packed properly so that no damage occurs during transit. Here are some ways you can pack some of the items that you generally find in a kitchen.

  • Pack all the same sized and the same kind of cutlery together – teaspoons go with teaspoons, butter knives go with butter knives, and so on. Pack them so that they face the same direction as well. Use Packing wraps or bundle them together using strings or tape.
  • Fragile crockery should be packed with utmost care. Use tight and good-quality boxes and layer the walls with newspaper or bubble wrap. Use cardboard separators for glasses and similar items. You should also fortify the bottom of the moving boxes using sellotape or duct tape.
  • Kitchen appliances and similar electronic devices should be packed separately from one another and in box sizes that fit them well. For ovens and microwaves, use foam corners to prevent any kind of damage. Coil the wires and tape them so that unpacking becomes much easier. It also helps save space in your boxes. Use newspaper or bubble wrap padding around the moving box.
  • Your fridge – the largest kitchen appliance – requires extra attention. To effectively pack your fridge, wrap it with a soft material like towels or bubble wrap. Next, ensure that the door won’t open once it is on the dolly or inside the truck. To do this, tie a rope or a blanket around the fridge. Finally, you can add another layer of protection using bubble wrap.
  • Kitchens and pantries often have heavy furniture that needs to be covered with furniture blankets and equipped with foam corners. If the heavy furniture can be disassembled, do that as well.
  • Whether you should move items such as vegetables, fruits, and dairy products depends on the amount of time they will have to stay in an unregulated temperature. If there is a high risk of them getting spoiled, it is better to discard them.
  • Jars of jam, butter slabs, ketchup bottles, etc. should be packed in the same way as you pack your fragile items.

Tip 2: Use moving equipment when loading and unloading heavy furniture and kitchen appliances

To prevent any sort of damage during the loading and unloading process, you can invest in ropes, sliders, ramps, and dollies. They will make things much simpler and quicker as well. If your budget does not permit investing in long-term equipment such as dollies and sliders, you can borrow them from someone who has recently moved or check out the internet for anyone renting them out. Also, if you are moving on your own, it is better to call in your friends and family to help you out. Your friend or uncle with a moving van can be very useful in these situations.

Tip 3: Make an inventory while you pack

As you pack your pantry, make a list of all the things that are going to be moved. This helps in keeping things organized and gives you a clear idea about what’s going on. This inventory can also be used as a checklist for when you are unpacking your pantry. Tick off the item that you unpack and place it in the right position. This task list cum inventory will help you avoid any losses in terms of missing or misplaced items.

Tip 4: Hire professional movers for interstate removals

Long-distance moving is a totally different challenge than picking up your things and moving around the corner! The risk of damage and things going astray are much higher than a short-distance move. Therefore, if you are moving interstate or over a long distance, it is wise to call in for expert help.

Packers and movers are much more adept and experienced at moving heavy furniture and electronic appliances. They already have all the right equipment and the skills to use them. In fact, professional removalists also provide packing supplies and support. Their experience will ensure that everything is done much more quickly and efficiently.

Professional packers and movers can also provide you with packing and moving advice. They can assist you in finding temporary storage units in case the need arises.

Tip 5: Fix a moving day

It is of utmost importance that you choose a moving date and plan towards it accordingly. Here are a few pointers regarding this:

  • The day of the week and the time of the month are both important factors when choosing a moving day. Although professional movers charge a flat hourly rate, there are many dynamic costs that go down during the weekdays and the middle of the month. Due to high demand at the end of the month and during the weekends, prices tend to go up and it is better to avoid these days if you can.
  • Even if you are moving alone, it is better to move during the weekdays if you can (if you don’t have work commitments and such). You’ll face less traffic and the overall demand for packing supplies, etc. is low.
  • If you have a fixed moving date, you can plan your removal accordingly. You can decide when you should start making an inventory, start packing, update your contacts, etc. Moving isn’t just about loading and unloading at a new location. You have to inform your contacts, transfer utilities, change your address, etc. It is better to be prepared and work toward D-day.
  • If you inform your movers about the exact date that you plan to move, it would be appreciated since you have clarity about your requirements.

Tip 6: Stay stress-free

Lastly, it is paramount that you stay stress-free and take a break whenever you can. Moving heavy furniture and kitchen appliances as well as your entire pantry on your own or even with the help of professionals can be mind-wrecking for some people. Talk to your friends and family and ask them for advice. After you are done settling in your new place, you can organize a small party to burn off the steam and relax a bit!

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